Sustainable Healthcare: How Four of Our Partners Put Ingenuity To Work For the Environment

Posted by EverCheck on April 23, 2020


In 2020, it’s clearer than ever that the health of planet Earth directly impacts the health of the people living here. Around the globe, healthcare organizations are becoming more environmentally conscious, and we’re proud to partner with many of those leading the charge. Because at EverCheck,...

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Behind the Curtain: An Interview with Julia McLemore, Recruiter

Posted by EverCheck on March 27, 2020

Recruiter by day and champion stein-holder by night, Julia McLemore isn’t lacking in the talent department. As EverCheck’s and CE Broker’s dedicated talent acquisition specialist, Julia grows our team, brings us together, and delivers that all too important first impression that gives candidates...

Posted in: EverCheck Culture

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EverCheck Business Continuity During COVID-19

Posted by Angie Gil on March 16, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation here in the United States continues to escalate, we at EverCheck are taking measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff while continuing the support the needs of those we serve.

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The Holistic Implications of Automated License Verification

Posted by EverCheck on March 10, 2020


It’s 2020, and automation in the healthcare space is as ubiquitous as physicians with questionable penmanship. This hasn’t always been the case. When we first expanded our automated license verification service nationwide in 2012, we met some resistance. Was this a process that could truly be...

Posted in: Healthcare HR

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Behind the Curtain: An Interview with John Warren, Key Accounts Manager

Posted by EverCheck on January 31, 2020

In three years, John Warren has taken on three roles, two of which have been entirely new to the company. Starting as a Client Success Manager, John quickly showed he had a knack not just for client relationship management, but partnership management.

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Making Change on the Company's Dime: EverCheck Unveils New VTO Benefit

Posted by EverCheck on January 23, 2020

Being a great place to work takes work. That’s why it’s best practice to evaluate what you feel makes your company unique and see where there’s room to grow. Over the years, EverCheck has implemented important employee benefits policies like fully paid parental leave, subsidized fitness...

Posted in: EverCheck Benefits, EverCheck Culture

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Crafting The Perfect Email To Motivate Your Employees To Renew On Time

Posted by EverCheck on January 17, 2020

Emailing caregivers can feel a lot like yelling in a very crowded room. Inboxes are highly competitive environments, but the emails coming from you aren’t just important - they can mean the difference between caregivers being able to work and being taken off the schedule.

Posted in: Healthcare HR, Industry Insights

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Small Business Rise Up! Sustainability Isn’t Just For The Giants

Posted by Brian Solano on October 30, 2019

In the summer of 2012, my newest venture was green in nearly every sense of the word. I had a small budget and a big vision to make healthcare work better. With a burgeoning family at home, I knew I had to carefully consider every last expenditure so as not to collapse my new software company...

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Behind the Curtain: An Interview with Leslie Cummings, Quality Control Manager

Posted by EverCheck on October 25, 2019

Leslie Cummings, EverCheck’s resident Leslie Knope, heads the Quality Control team here at EverCheck. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the television series Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope is the strong-willed, hardworking protagonist that is the backbone of her team. The same is...

Posted in: EverCheck Culture, Healthcare HR

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Practical Ways To Be An Effective Changemaker

Posted by EverCheck on September 24, 2019


Change is tough. Just when you’re comfortable with a certain process or protocol, there it is, ready to upend your sense of security.

Tougher yet is when you’re the one enacting the change. Not only do you have to be confident that your approach is better than what’s currently in place, but...

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