Before & After Automation: How EverCheck Simplifies License Verification

Posted by EverCheck on May 23, 2017


When was the last time you mailed in a check to pay a bill, or even used ice trays instead of your automatic ice maker? Automation is simply technology at work to make our lives a little easier. 

At EverCheck, we believe healthcare HR professionals deserve the same. That's why our system was designed and is continuously improved with the feedback of healthcare professionals just like you. We've always aimed to simplify license verification and set a higher standard for ourselves, even more than what's required by the most prevalent regulatory agencies. 

So how exactly does EverCheck simplify the license verification process? The best way to explain is a side-by-side comparison - what do the traditional methods look like, and how does EverCheck disrupt and simplify that process? 

See for yourself. More than 300 hospitals and health systems around the country have chosen to set a higher standard for their license verification process. Are you ready to do the same? 

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  The Traditional Method EverCheck's Automated Verification Solution
Determining Licenses For Verification Data is manually exported from HR system. EverCheck automatically retrieves licensee info via the HR system.
License Verification  Staff visit board websites one-by-one for every licensee during renewal. EverCheck verifies all eligible licenses & certifications automatically, every day.
PSV Storage Primary source verifications are printed and stored.  EverCheck captures a digital history of Primary Source verifications and stores them within its secure, cloud-based database.
HR System Update Staff manually key in important Primary Source data, like expiration dates, to the HRIS. EverCheck automatically updates the HR system with data directly from the Primary Source every day.
Renewal Reminders to Staff Staff send reminder emails to licensees and managers. EverCheck sends automated email reminders to licensees.
Notifications to HR & Managers  Staff notify HR and managers when they discover a change in license status. EverCheck sends automated email notifications when important changes in license status occur. 
Reporting System-wide reporting & informatics is typically sparse or non-existent. EverCheck provides aggregate, robust reporting to show both system-wide and facility-specific trends. 

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