Licensure, Healthcare, & Human Resources: The Unnecessary Tedium and Risks

Posted by EverCheck on September 01, 2015

Imagine yourself in charge of human resources at a hospital with thousands of employees.  Almost every person employed at your facility must hold an active and valid license every single day that he or she shows up to work.  Doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, psychologists, pharmacy technicians, all hold at least one license or certification which all have to be renewed on different expiration dates.  How do you ensure your patients that all their physicians, nurses, etc. are properly licensed every day while providing care?

License verification is a common concern for human resources executives at healthcare facilities.  Accrediting bodies, like The Joint Commission, require strict compliance with license verification standards (M.S. 4.10, HR.02.01.04, etc.) and the public has high expectations for healthcare professionals.  HR departments can verify the license statuses of their employees one at a time via State Board websites, but this is time consuming, tedious and impractical on a daily basis.  The Joint Commission has tightened its standards and the risk of malpractice by an improperly licensed employee has left many HR directors with many sleepless nights – or, at least it should.

One software firm, however, has developed an automated solution for license verification that can shoulder much of this burden.  EverCheck is a division of CE Broker, Inc., the electronic continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health.  Thirty percent of the hospitals in Florida use CE Broker’s cloud service to proactively manage their workforce with daily license verifications through the “Primary Source” and the same technology is now available to hospitals nationwide.

EverCheck has automated the rote process of manual license verifications and complies with all respective accrediting body requirements.  State licenses, national certifications – including DEA certifications – can all be handled by HR representatives will immediately be emailed if there is a problem with an employee’s license so that individual can be promptly removed from the floor.  Current processes for license verification expose massive gaps for error, omission, and uncapped liabilities.

It is nearly reckless for so many hospitals to simply depend upon their employees to maintain active, valid licenses when so much can easily go wrong. Visit to learn more.

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