HR Deserves Attention Too: Four EverCheck Perks

Posted by EverCheck on October 15, 2015

EverCheck provides an automated, cloud-based license verification service that ensures your employees are authorized to care for patients. While the technical details of our service and its purpose may be clear to human resources departments, the benefits of its use can affect your entire healthcare organization. Whether you’re an HR executive, an IT specialist, or an administrator, EverCheck can simplify your life. 

1. Reduced Costs

License verification is a necessary task for healthcare organizations, but it doesn’t have to be a sizable financial cost. Currently, your department may be employing a manual verification method, where an employee sifts through employee records and online resources to determine if care practitioners are licensed to provide care.

Could your HR specialists be wasting time with basic fact checking when they could be tending to your practitioners’ other needs? How many paid work hours does it take for your employees to check these records?

EverCheck keeps track of all of your practitioners’ licenses – and many other certifications – for a monthly rate of only 75 cents per employee. Our service is far less expensive than the costs incurred by paying your employees to manually search for and check license records. Not only that, but your HR employees will gain extra time they can spend tending to human needs that cannot be automated.

2. Reduced HR Workload

Human resources employees focus on the needs of your organization’s practitioners. Isn’t it time for someone to pay attention to them?

Switching to EverCheck will reduce your HR employees’ stress by removing a menial task they have to complete. With one less thing to worry about, your employees will feel better about their ability to meet your organization’s needs.

Manual license verification can be both mentally tiring and taxing on the eyes. With EverCheck’s automated license verification service, you’ll reduce the feeling of exhaustion your employees would otherwise feel.

By cutting your HR department’s workload, your employees will be better able to tend to the needs of your organization’s employees. Creating time for your HR employees to tend to the needs of your care practitioners can help to boost employee-organization relations and improve retention.

3. Limited (or No) IT Commitment

Although EverCheck is a tech-based solution, it does not require resources from your healthcare organization’s IT department.

EverCheck can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. IT departments do not need to set up your devices so they can access your license verification history.

Your license verification notifications are also automated throughout service. There is no need to set up an email notification service through your own servers. Simply set up and fine tune your notification preferences through our online interface and you’ll be able to keep track of your employees’ licensing issues.

If you wish to integrate EverCheck with your existing HRIS, IT assistance will be needed. However, their commitment would be minimal and our customer service representatives can help to simplify this process.

4. Erases Compliance Concerns

Allowing an unlicensed healthcare practitioner to provide care can result in a “ding” from The Joint Commission or add credence to a medical malpractice lawsuit. As a result, compliance is a considerable consideration for healthcare organizations and may cause HR departments and administrators to feel uneasy.

EverCheck eliminates your compliance anxieties by providing the notifications you need to ensure your employees are, and always have been, licensed. After that, your HR employees and care practitioners can take the necessary steps to ensure the proper licensing is renewed before the expiration date.

Providing high-quality care is the primary point of attention for all healthcare organizations. Don’t let compliance concerns get in the way of your facility’s ability to tend to patient needs.

Simple, Automated, Accessible

Healthcare organizations are always looking to reduce financial and human capital costs. EverCheck’s service is far less expensive than a manual verification method. It’s also automated, meaning your human resources and information technology departments won’t be working hard to use or maintain the service. No longer will your employees have to spend valuable time worrying about licensing issues for the next Joint Commission visit. EverCheck simplifies license verification and the lives of your employees.

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