EverCheck Adds DMV Records to Verification Solution

Posted by EverCheck on June 28, 2017


Hiring drivers with a safe record is important. That’s why EverCheck is proud to announce the newest addition to its suite of verification services: DMV records verifications. The service is a smart addition to the comprehensive and reliable verification solution that hospitals have been relying on since 2005.

Leveraging EverCheck to verify DMV records is a simple process. Just provide some basic information such as license number and state, and EverCheck handles the rest! We’ll take care of collecting the required documentation from the employee, verifying with the state DMV, reporting the results back, and storing the results digitally.

EverCheck offers the DMV records verification package as an optional-add on to its license verification service. For $3.50 per verification (plus applicable state DMV fees), healthcare HR professionals can simplify and streamline the process of ensuring only the safest drivers are behind the wheel.

If you’re interested in finding out whether adding EverCheck’s DMV verification service to your verification solution is right for your organization, let us show you a quick demo of how the new service works.

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