We Just Completed Our 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey. Here’s What We Learned.

Posted by Angie Gil on March 23, 2018


You’ll likely recognize this question: How likely are you to recommend [Company Name] to a friend or colleague?

It’s a common question for businesses to ask because it’s a great indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

EverCheck just completed its 2018 client satisfaction survey. We've gained some valuable insights and now we want to share those with you, our customers, prospective customers, our staff, and the general public, because we value transparency and we want you to know that we listen.

Our NPS Score
NPS is rated on a scale of -100 to 100, and anything over 0 is considered positive and anything +50 is considered excellent.

EverCheck’s score is 35.Chart_Q2_180323.png

It’s a score we’re proud of, and one that tells us that we have room for improvement.

In addition to the standard NPS question, we asked some additional client satisfaction questions. Here’s what else we learned.

Our clients value exactly what we expected.
As a business, you can make assumptions about the value you bring to the marketplace. EverCheck is, for now, a niche product catering to a very specific market - healthcare human resources. For years, we’ve focused primarily on automated primary source verification and we believed the value was the time- and cost-savings. We were right, mostly.

Many of our clients listed, in so many words, that the amount of time they’re saving with automation is one of main reasons they value working with EverCheck, and that daily primary source verification truly is an additional safeguard against regulatory infractions. It sets an even higher standard than what’s required.

A close second? Customer service. We’re a Software-as-a-Service company, and we like to say that our interface is the software, but it’s the humans behind the software that make EverCheck truly unique. They’re the service. Our team works hard every day to deliver top-notch customer service, and their dedication is very much appreciated by our clients.

Our clients have really great ideas for product features and improvements.
Since day one, we’ve built our product alongside those in the industry. After all, who knows and understands the consumer need better than the consumer?

This survey proved to be a fantastic platform for our clients to share their ideas about how to improve the product, and we’re listening. From improving system navigation to adding helpful functionality to the reporting features, we’re actively implementing changes that will make the EverCheck product more user-friendly and functional. We’re working on some exciting changes we hope to roll out later this year.

Of course, we aren’t able to immediately implement all of the suggestions, but nevertheless we appreciate the feedback and intend to continue giving our clients a platform to bring new ideas and suggestions.

Our clients are seeing the value of the product and service.
We’re one of the few (see: only) providers in the market who are completely transparent on their pricing model, so it can be a challenge to continuously gauge how our pricing structure fares against our competitors.

We learned through this survey that most of our clients see an excellent value for the cost of our product; they’re getting quite the bang for their buck, so to speak. Enterprise software is an investment and one can only hope to see a worthwhile return on that investment.

We’re glad to know that our pricing structure serves our clients in a way that brings a high value, high-ROI solution to their organization, and we’re committed to continuously delivering  high-value products and services well into the future at a fair price.

Thank you.
These are just a handful of the insights we gained from this exercise, but it’s important to us that you know we’re listening and we appreciate you, our clients. If you participated in the survey, we want to extend a sincere thank you because your insights proved to be invaluable. If you weren’t able to participate, we hope that you’ll consider giving us your feedback in the future. After all, we want to continue building a product that’s made just for you because we made it right alongside you.

If you have any questions, drop us an email at hello@evercheck.com.

Angie Gil
Director of Client Services | EverCheck

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